About Us Who We Are

Empowering Millions is the first business platform of this kind in Europe that joins business and faith in delivering high-quality business conferences, mentoring programs and a media platform for entrepreneurs, business professionals and leaders with the mission to achieve greatness for a greater purpose. We are with this platform and leadership summit seeking to empower leaders, business owners, community representatives and change makers worldwide who can walk beside others in their journey toward their greatest potential and a Spirit-filled life of purpose that will enable them to leave a spiritual legacy that will have a great impact on the world at large.
Our members, experts, artists and speakers share our values, faith and vision, represent an inclusive range of academic and professional disciplines, including sociology, anthropology, theology, education, political

science, medicine, economy, finance, business, real estate, engineering, marketing, visual communication, photography, filmmaking, art, design, architecture, and journalism.

 In furtherance of our commitment to developing a robust global network of truly empowered individuals and contribute to the presence and significance through leadership based on biblical principles, we  organize twice a year a bi-annual Summit in Europe, this year in Portugal and we have a number of Global Strategic Kingdom Partners who share our vision and host our international event throughout the world to share, discuss, and exchange our expert advice, strategies for success, advances and advice on entrepreneurship and leadership in a number of areas throughout  society.