Empowering Millions began as an assignment given to founders, Helena and Thomas Vernholm whilst they were both conducting a year of Bible studies at Bible school in Denmark.

Helena’s and Thomas’s work began in 2015 when Helena resigned from her career at Google in Denmark and Thomas from his corporate sales manager position to pursue their theological studies. This was the start of their assignment to bring the liberating truth of the Gospel to the world in a practical and slightly more unconventional way. Their assignment was to create a platform for people that are perceived wealthy in the eyes of the world, but who are nonetheless spiritually in a need and who are in search of real empowerment, healing, freedom, transformation and peace.

The assignment was furthermore, to remind entrepreneurs who are believers already that in all their inadequacies, over thinking and fears that they always have God and that they are more than conquerors through Christ. Hazel Herrington was invited to join the company and its board of directors as the CXO, CFO & Associate Director of Marketing, Strategic Alliances, Public Relations and Compliance of Empowering Millions Ltd.  

Their journey, experiences and testimony have inspired Helena and Thomas to write their forthcoming book, title yet to be decided and that is due out in September 2019. Their book will be published by the publishing company Beyond Publishing.

Empowering Millions was built as a community and a platform for entrepreneurs and leaders who are already believers but also to any individual who may not yet know Christ but who are spiritually curious, seeking real wisdom, peace, freedom and who are open to learning about, excellence, success and empowerment in business and in life based on Biblical principles.  

Empowering Millions is for individuals who are following their given purpose in business and in life. Specifically, the community and platform cater to entrepreneurs that are building their purpose-driven brand by faith.  


Empowering Millions is the first business platform of this kind in Europe that joins business and faith in delivering high quality business conferences, mentoring programs and a media platform for entrepreneurs, business professionals and leaders with the mission to achieve greatness for a greater purpose.

Empowering Millions has a strong commitment to excellence, integrity and modeling Christ-like servant leadership with the aim to develop it in others. Our mission is to deliver the best of personal and professional development based on biblical principles and Christ-honoring practices with the goal to equip with a new sense of hope, purpose, vision, abundance mindset and urgency to make an impact. Empowering Millions believes that only through this type of leadership can real individual freedom, knowledge of truth and hope be established. This kind leadership and development will give entrepreneurs, business professionals and leaders the empowerment, purpose and commitment to follow through on a path to true fulfillment, success, significance and legacy.


Our vision is a world in which all peoples’ potential is unlocked and people are empowered through a combination of knowing their true identity and value, having access to excellent resources, strategic partners, media exposure and an accountability and support system to position and empower them to achieve greatness for a greater purpose. Empowering Millions envisions all people called to leadership to leave a legacy that transforms individual lives in a sustainable way, improves the world as a whole, the quality of the environments and communities we live and work in.

Neither financial riches, worldly possessions, nor status or popularity alone can solve the problems of spiritual poverty. More than 5.5 billion people around the world do not really know the word of God or the principles of the Bible, which ultimately prevents them from living their life fully equipped in victory, with power, boldness, peace and joy.  Empowering Millions wants to change that.

We have a vision of a world where people of influence will be empowered, free and fearless to change the world for the better, live a truly abundant life and leave a lasting spiritual legacy. We invest in developing excellent leaders, business professionals, entrepreneurs, influencers, pioneers and change makers so they can achieve greatness for a greater purpose globally. 


The first Empowering Millions Summit will take place from Oct 10-14, 2019 at the CASCADE Wellness Resort Algarve in Portugal. This event will feature speakers, experts, leaders, change-makers, visionaries, innovators, music artists from all around the world, some of which are well known public figures and celebrities.

We are excited for this line up of influencers, world changers and followers of Christ which will deliver high quality value and content from a source of divinely inspired truth, true power, knowledge and wisdom to our participants.

We are with this platform and business retreat seeking to empower leaders, business owners, community representatives and change makers worldwide who can walk beside others in their journey toward their greatest potential and a spirit-filled life of purpose that will enable them to leave a spiritual legacy that will have a great impact on the world at large.

This movement wouldn’t be complete without you: Please join our quest, the world needs YOU!

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