Julie Solberg on Empowering Millions 2020

Julie Solberg is accomplished businesswoman and is a woman with the strength to fulfill her dreams. 

Over the years she has successfully managed several businesses in Africa and is now at the helm of Child Africa Charity Organization in Uganda and Kenya. 

It was during her frequent trips to Africa that she started to visualize her mission. – A burning desire to help the children of the continent. 

In 1991 her vision became reality, when she and her husband Rino founded “Solberg Children’s Help Organization”, now renamed Child Africa.

In Child Africa Julie can perform her hearts work, to give the most unfortunate children in Africa hope and the key to a brighter future through education. 

Julie’s simple message is:

“It takes so little to reach out and touch the soul of a child. So if you are reading about us right now, just reach out your hand and touch one tiny soul.”

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