Jonnie Horner at Empowering Millions 2020

Johnny Horner has spent much of his life living and working in developing nations. As a young man co-founded the charity now called Hope Health Action. Providing health and disability care to some of the most vulnerable children and adults in Afrika and Haiti. 

Johnny has truly been in the trenches in fighting for the most vulnerable in the developing world and one on occasion Johnny almoust gave up his life for his mission. 

Back in 2008 when he was only 24, he came face to face with the brutal reality of ethnic cleansing in Kenya.

While doing Cristian Charity work at a children’s rehabilitation center, Jonnie stood his ground when a violent gang confronted him outside the center. 

That day 40 people had been murdered by militia from the Kikuyu tribe who where exacting revenge for atrocities committed against their people around the country. 

When a militia gang turned up at the gates of the Sunshine Rehabilitation Centre for reformed street kids, Jonnie feared some of the youngsters would be beaten or killed.

He said: “I was at the gates with one of the guards when suddenly this gang of youths who had been going from house to house looking for people from other tribes arrived at the compound.

They had machetes, clubs and sticks. They were looking for member who didn’t speak Kikuyu. For me, that was a real heart-in-your-mouth moment.”

Jonnie’s boss at the time, Mr Bloom said: “I think if Jonnie hadn’t been there, they would have come after them. Just by his presence, Jonnie probably saved them.”

He has himself worked in local church leadership for 10 years in London, UK. He specialises in Youth work, bible teaching and discipleship. He’s creative, loves communicating stories and ideas with clarity to challenge and to inspire. 

Jonnie has worked in local church leadership for 10 years, specializes in youth work and bible teachings. 

Jonnie Horner, with his wife Kizzy and son Joshuah, moved to the Algarve in Portugal to start a house of prayer and worship ministry earlier in 2019. 

An experienced event host and specialized in community orientated events to bring people together. 

Jonnie will hold a workshop in Algarve that will take the participants on a journey, revealing what it really means to live a life in Victory, transforming people literally from the inside out.

On the workshop you will learn what it truly means to take a leap of faith and leave all your fears, guilt, shame and hopelessness behind. So, you can truly live a life of purpose and freedom. 

Jonnie Horner will be leading this offsite event on Monday the 24th of February, in nearby Luz in Algarve.

More information will follow.. 

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