The idea of blending charitable impact with investment disciplines in order to have a real, positive and great impact on the world and at the same time offer lucrative investment opportunities for our partners, donors and sponsors in areas where we know, trust and like the people behind the technology and who share the same values and vision as we have; To achieve Greatness for  Grater Purpose and Empower Millions of people around the Globe.

Empowering Millions is committed and passionate about Impact Investments and eager to support sustainable educational and developmental initiatives that can help transform people in need into independent, self-sufficient beings.

Education transforms lives and breaks the cycle of poverty that traps so many children. By bringing education, teaching personal development, vocational training, interpersonal skills building, community involvement, leisure activities, and independent living skills Empowering Millions will actively ensure that the people in need around the world receive the tools and resources they need to transform their lives for the better.


EMPOWERING MILLIONS Ltd works with its impact investment partners around the world to improve the quality of life, eradicate poverty, support early-stage investments, enable sustainable developments, affordable and good quality housing. We want to invest in technologies that address the underlying issues that hinder resiliency in rural areas, such as health care, education, agriculture practices, markets for products, and increasing affordable energy, water supply and quality.

Finding answers to rural development challenges requires working together with communities to create a vision and a long-term commitment beyond the life of a project and Empowering Millions pursues this approach through all we do.

1.3 billion people around the world lack access to electricity – 84% are in rural areas.

Relying on biomass 2.7 billion people – 38% of the world’s population – use solid biomass for cooking and heating.

Premature deaths

Each year, 4.3 million people die prematurely from burning biomass in inefficient stoves in poorly entilated spaces.

Our approach to the problem is to invest in an Energy solution that will soon revolutionize the energy-production industry. Based on simple principles, it offers a steady baseline supply of energy, free from any emissions or toxic waste products

We agree with the vision of our partners company and that is the vision and long-term goal is to reduce poverty and corruption in Africa through Sustainable and commercially viable forestry investments. We want to help with our investments to create jobs and help farmers to increase the returns on their land, finance microloan banks, schools and water-related projects and we do all this through environmental and forestry investments. This we believe will help to address some of the world’s greatest challenges and can make a real difference. We are excited to be able to support a company that has shown that their ideas have been correct and that it is possible to run a sustainable and commercially viable forestry business. This company prioritizes working holistically and sustainably, and we want to offer people to help and support this work in Africa while at the same time giving this as an investor a good investment opportunity.

What makes this investment opportunity extra exciting is that it takes care of both people and the environment through viable forestry activities. This creates value for the local population and above all a large proportion of women. This creates the living conditions through partnerships with local farmers through agroforestry, micro-loans, education and by providing clean water.

This creates even more jobs with local woodworking, which is in line with our goal and willingness to support technology and development that has the ambition to create a better world. It is something that both we and you can benefit from financially but in addition to the financial aspect, this gives so much more value to so many different levels which is what we care about

The companies we choose invest in see people regardless of their immediate socioeconomic existence as a valuable person full of potential and in need to be helped out of a difficult situation where they can leave poverty behind and get the resources, opportunities and tools they need to change their lives and become independent, strong individuals who can be a great blessing to their communities, themselves and others. We want to invest in companies that go beyond the basic financial services to focus on complete financial inclusion companies. What is crucial for us is that no special treatment or discrimination takes place and that all individuals are treated with the same respect and are offered the complete design solutions that they need. It is also crucial for us that the customers’ needs are always in mind so that we can help and be instrumental in enabling as many people as possible in this world receive the resources, education and financial support they need to be able to transform their lives, be placed in jobs or start their own small businesses enabled through equity investments.  We want to invest in people, and we want to contribute to creating long-term and lasting changes in people’s lives that bring them out of poverty to live independent lives characterized by security, independence and economic stability. We want to invest in companies that can offer complete financial inclusion solutions designed to prepare individuals so that they can take advantage of any opportunities given to them with the power to transform their situation and life.

Empowering Millions believes that when you empower a woman, she changes her children and, ultimately, a whole village can be transformed. That is why we focus the majority of our resources on investing in educational programs and training that that improve the lives of women and the most vulnerable children of society. We together with our partner organizations offer scholarships and also focus on investing in the education and empowerment of men, youth and individuals of all ages that are in need of training, skill-building job placement and life-long learning opportunities that can lead to independence and empowerment.

We offer investors the opportunity to come together with us and invest in a ban breaking medical technology for the benefit of patients suffering from various skin and soft tissue disorders through this unique investment opportunity. This Fluorescence Biomodulation (FB) technique utilizes the power of fluorescence to trigger biological systems of biological life. Current clinical programs have shown a high degree of efficiency and safety. The technology that has been developed has shown very positive results in several easy-to-use pathology-specific FB systems to handle conditions in wound care, dermatology, animal health and oral health.

Future Plans: The company strives for a diversified product commercialization strategy for managing chronic and acute wounds.

The company conducts a diversified product commercialization strategy aimed at animal health. So far, there are four (4) different indications in late stage development for use on cats, dogs and horses. These include pyoderma, wound care, otitis and periodontal disease.

The company intends to finance a number of clinical trials over the next two years to support wound care and animal health products.

The company has a comprehensive product management with 2nd and 3rd generation products in development to meet the rapidly growing homecare market in wound care.

Empowering Millions support investments breakthrough firefighting technology that has been developed and proven to be totally environmentally friendly, totally safe and non-toxic in nature unlike many other fire-fighting foams which are toxic to users and the environment. This technology that has been developed and manufactured is a fire-fighting foam that is highly expansive and highly effective.  This technology has a Foam Chemical, when added only 2% water to it, will create a foam that is expanded 30 times in volume using Air Injected Foam System (and approximately 20 times in volume using traditional inductor systems). The unique molecular structure of the foam gives it the ability to “kill fire” more than 10-40 times that of water (depending on the type of fire).

The Air Injected Foam System is a compact system that can deliver the foam at high pressure for firefighting with no moving parts or wear components. We care about people and the environment and that is why we have decided to support this company and we offer others the opportunity to support it too, and by doing so be introduced to a very lucrative investment opportunity, and supporting a technology that truly has a positive impact on the environment compared to other more toxic alternative firefighting products available in the global market.

TRULY HELP THE WORLD AND EARN GREAT RETURNS ON YOUR INVESTMENT AT THE SAME TIME.  Empowering Millions are supporting investments in three City Developments in two continents around the world and this number will only increase with plans to embark on developments in Scandinavia, Africa and Portugal.

Empowering Millions are driven by a want to create housing for all around the world globally. As an example, Tanzania can be used as an illustration of the need for this. That being said, affordable and good quality housing is not only an African need however, but rather a global one. Tanzania suffers from a terrible shortage of good quality and affordable housing. So dire is this shortage that the nation currently carries a 3 million housing deficit coupled with a 200,000-unit annual demand. Over seventy percent of its urban residents live in unplanned and un-serviced informal settlements. Only 15 percent of household in Tanzania have electricity, with a very large disparity between urban and rural households in Mainland Tanzania (45 percent and 3 percent respectively). Two in three households in Tanzania (67 percent) live in a dwelling with earth, sand or dung flooring. Cement flooring only accounts for 30 percent of households. With an ever-increasing urban population, it is inevitable that this shortage, which is compounded by lack of long-term housing finance and a lack of a formal residential housing construction sector, needs to be addressed in a timely manner. Over 80 percent of urban residents are tenants, living under pro-landlord legislation that forces people to pay annual rent upfront in the wake of a limited supply of good houses and the ever-increasing cost of living. That’s the bad news!

Empowering Millions want to help to change that through investments in the development of affordable and good quality housing through the partners, resources and city developments we have access to. We are blessed enough to work together with an international  network of passionate investors, visionaries, developers, architects, sponsors and donors who through impact investments want to be a part of this together with us, and at the same time they are offered sound business investment opportunities with exceptional return on their investments. This has proven to be a winning concept for all parties and is taking advantage of a market-driven economy however applying value driven and biblical principles to all projects with a strong focus on sustainability, security, generosity, fairness and multiplication. Empowering Millions are investing in technology that has the potential to change situations, lives, the world at large for the better in seven different areas. Investments that create incredible returns, long-lasting positive effects on the environment, people’s health, education and people’s quality of life and living. Empowering Millions want to enable people to develop their potentially world-changing ideas so that these can be realized and come to light with our early stage, equity impact and housing investments.

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