Any individual or organization who shares the values and goals of our organization, along with a commitment to arrange a small but important international event, may apply to host our bi-annual summit. The person and his/her/their team will need to have the strategic means (mostly human resources and available location) to organize a 2-3 day conference for an average of 250-350 participants. Our conferences have been linked to academic institutions,  hotels, churches and companies, although we are open to exploring other venues and situations.

Empowering Millions provides an experienced conference committee from our board that will support the local conference team. We also have developed a Global Strategic Conference Manual to assist with the most common questions and practical issues and to help harmonize our different events. For the conference itself, feel free to contact us for the Empowering Millions Global Strategic Conference Manual for more information on Empowering Millions practical and financial contributions to the conference.

As a conference host for the Empowering Millions, there are many reasons and advantages to holding a conference. The short-term spillover effects of holding a conference are about positioning. For many hosts, the most important personal goals are to hold a conference a better and broader network, more exposure, spiritual and academic development. Your institution, organization, society or company will have an extra chance of positioning themselves for relevant entrepreneurs, scientists, locally engaged political leaders, church leaders, partners and industry, as the exposure as a conference host – undoubtedly – is high. The long-term spillover effects of holding a conference include more industrial, international, academic and relevant assignments and new partnerships, better relations with the industry, more influence and positioning. Our research results show that hosting a conference has significant long-term effects. An important awareness established around the values and the institution represented by the participants from all over the world who participated in the conference and the marketing and international exposure leading up to the conference for up to 6 – 12 months before it takes place. It is a great responsibility and a task to host a conference, and if you have the vision and desire, we at Empowering Millions will be happy to help you keep your next successful conference. We will help you invite you to the conference and can offer you the practical handling of the conference and the marketing that should be in place before.

We encourage conference hosts to mobilize local resources to subsidize the conference costs and enrich the conference experiences of our members. Examples of local resources include university provisions for discounted on-campus housing, local government and charitable organization grants to support conference programming, discounts at local restaurants, sponsorship of social events for conference attendees, etc.

Please note that the proposed conference director should reside in the city of the proposed conference for the duration of the conference and be available at all times of the day.

In drafting your proposal to host an Empowering Million conference, please consult our Chief Experience Officer and Associate Director of Strategic Alliances, Hazel Herrington at:

The Empowering Millions meeting takes place over 2-3 days, internationally all through the year.  Our preference is for a 2-day conference with a welcome dinner the evening before; however, if you have a compelling reason for adding a day or two (or a portion of a day), the conference committee is open to the possibility of extending the meeting into a third or fourth day.

Candidates willing to host one of the next Empowering Millions, conferences are kindly asked to submit a proposal submission to The board will carefully review each proposal.

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