The Empowering Millions Summit is organized by Empowering Millions Ltd. The overall theme of The Empowering Millions Summit is the largest convening of international and regional entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs, innovators, associations and organizations, business leaders, thought leaders, digital organizations, policymakers, leading academics, experts and financial intermediaries among others that provide the first business-platform of this kind in Europe. The Empowering Millions Summit joins business and faith in delivering high-quality business conferences, mentoring programs and a media platform for entrepreneurs, business professionals, influencers and leaders with the mission to achieve greatness for a greater purpose.

The Summit will seek to share insights on 21st Century entrepreneurial, sustainable and innovative ideas and models that are based on Biblical principles that will help enlighten, equip, and propel leaders in Europe and the rest of the World to sustainable competitiveness.  

The Empowering Millions Summit has a strong commitment to excellence, integrity and value-driven leadership with the aim to develop it in others. Our mission is to deliver the best of personal and professional development with the goal to equip leaders and influencers with a new sense of hope, purpose, vision, awareness and urgency to make a positive impact on the world.

In a span of five days, an array of activities will be staged including a Conference, Exhibition, Capacity Building Workshops, Panel discussions, Organizational Presentations, Business related Theological Presentations, Innovators’ Hub, Gala Dinner and various Networking Features, Music concerts among others. This is the biggest faith-based business event to be hosted in Europe and is supported by high-level international partners. It is also an honour and privilege to invite attendees from all over the world to the is Summit. The Theme for The Empowering Millions Summit 2019 is – “Achieving Greatness for A Greater Purpose in the 21st Century.” Empowering Millions Summit is all about “building strong and equipped people. “We believe in the holistic empowerment of people. The Business Summit is a platform to accomplish this vision and a great opportunity for all who will attend. We believe this Summit will be of great benefit to anyone interested in business, investments, personal development and the power of faith. 

  • Someone who is thinking of starting a business.
  • Someone who is already in a business
  • Someone who thinks about starting to invest.
  • Someone who is already in investment.
  • Someone who is interested in personal, spiritual and professional development.
  • Someone curious about business risk and investment opportunities.
  • Someone who needs help to combat fatigue and burnout
  • Someone who is interested in innovation, sustainable developments and technology
  • Someone who is interested in medical research and scientific breakthroughs
  • Someone who is interested in philanthropy
  • Someone who is interested in workforce development and financial inclusion on a Global Scale
  • Someone who is or aspire to be a business professionals, entrepreneurs, influencers, pioneers and change makers
  • Someone who is interested in having a positive impact on the world and leaving a legacy
  • Christians and non-Christians.

All Speakers are carefully selected, extraordinary people:

• Executives

• Public figures

• Leaders

• Teachers

• Influencers

• Community representatives

• Philanthropists

• Innovators

• Visionaries

• Experts

• Artists

• Church leaders

The speakers will speak on a vast array of topics that will address areas such as:

• Entrepreneurial success

• Spirituality

• Leadership

• Personal development

• Financial principles

• Money management

• Philanthropy

• Sustainable innovation

• Family and work-life balance

• Health

• Campaigning for victory

• Artistic expression

• Fundraising

• City developments

• An opportunity to meet potential likeminded extraordinary people, potential new business partners and philanthropists from all over the world.

• Renewed energy, a transformed mind, new ideas, plenty of new resources and practical tools.

• Access to a global network of leaders and world-changers, that will continue to contribute and share community resources, webinars, workshops, skills development, mentorships, speaking opportunities and media opportunities.

This will be a collaborative achievement driven by individuals and businesses who are value driven and guided by their faith. Entrepreneurs, leaders and faith driven individuals are typically individuals who are aware of the gifts they have been given and who want to use them for a greater purpose and leave a legacy. These types of individuals do not do what they can, but they do what it takes and when their ability ends they have faith that they will still reach their goal somehow and in some way. This is a great opportunity for them to all come together to be equipped and sent out to the market place with renewed skills, renewed strength and a vast international network of likeminded individuals from all over the World.

Hazel Herrington, Helena Vernholm and Thomas Vernholm founders and directors of Empowering Millions Ltd.

Empowering Millions Ltd, 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, England, WC2H 9JQ

The “Empowering Millions Summit” is organized by Christian entrepreneurs, community leaders and philanthropists and contains Christian elements (praise, theological themes, worship music). At the Empowering Millions Summit itself, however, the content is about business, leadership, philanthropy, sustainable developments, financial inclusion, workforce development, housing, investments, communication and inspiration, less about, but not excluding the power of faith.

The Empowering Millions Summit begin the 5-day summit in sunny Algarve, Portugal at the CASCADE Wellness & Lifestyle Resort on October 10 through to 14, (2019). Book your Early Bird tickets now by July 31st and save 25% per ticket. Please see our pricing packages below.

  • All inclusive Summit tickets will include  Accommodation at a 5-star resort for 4 nights and 5 days and an All Inclusive Meal Plan and professional photos including an extra half-day Workshop starting in the Morning on the 10th of October with world-renowned City developer Mr Oliver Tham. 
  • All Access Summit tickets will include Welcome dinner and access all days to the 5-day summit and professional photos.
  • General Summit tickets will include access all days to the 5-day summit but not include any meal plan or professional photos.
  • All participants will be able to take part in networking activities, music activities, put new skills into practice and interact with like-minded individuals.
  • All participants will receive Lifetime 24/7 anytime on-demand access to official recording of the event.  
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